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Balance Points

I had a request from a covensib to write about balancing your spirituality with other areas of your life. My knee-jerk response to discussions on that subject is: Your life is YOUR life. Do what you want. If you want to be an “8 sabbats a year” Pagan, then do so, and don’t let anyone …

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No, it isn’t “Harm None”

I’ve probably covered this topic in every iteration of blog I’ve ever kept, including my short stint as a paganism subject matter expert on an knockoff website. But it’s perennially topical due to the continual flood of both new pagans and new paganism 101 books to the community. For those of you who don’t …

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As without, so within

Life lesson # 946: Be careful what promises you make. At Imbolc last month, I made a promise to Brigid to restart my blog. I’m assuming everyone reading this knows that I’m a Witch and a Druid. You may or may not know that I dedicate my priestesshood to the goddes Brigid. (While I do …

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